how it works


step 1 – check it out

Familiarize yourself with our cabinetry lines and options by visiting our showroom in Evergreen. Touch and feel the product, open doors and drawers, ask questions about the construction and finish options, and let us help to identify your personal style.

Pictures: Take pictures of your space, don’t hold back! We want to see everything. Bring your photos to the showroom, as well as any construction plans or previous architectural plans.

step 2 – let’s get together

We want to meet you in your space. A critical part of our design process is getting to know you and your family, and understanding how you function on a daily basis. We want to see all of it; the good, bad, and the ugly. Show us what you like about your current kitchen or bath, as well as what you don’t like. Do you love to bake bread? Is coffee your passion? Which appliances do you frequently use and want on the counter? Questions like these will help us design a highly personal and functional space to best suit your lifestyle.

This initial consultation is a no charge visit where a member of our design team will come to your home to discuss your needs and wants. We will take additional photos and walk you through the design process.

step 3 – time to design

Now that you’ve met our team and examined our products, it’s time to start the formal design process. Should you choose to move forward with Versatile Design, we will send you a design agreement and require a retainer. 

Measurements: If your project is a new build, or if you have the dimensioned plans of the space, those plans will be sufficient. If you do not already have dimensioned plans, we will schedule a visit to come out and take detailed measurements.

Appliances: Select your appliances and sink(s). Determine the appliances you would like in your space. We will work with whatever you choose as long as detailed product specifications are sent to us. Need a referral? Versatile Design has partnered with Mountain High Appliance click here for showroom locations.

step 4 – make your selections

Finishes: Select your wood finishes and/or paint color. It’s time to meet back in the showroom where you will be able to see everything from wood and paint finishes to countertop materials and lighting and hardware. Bring samples of everything- carpet, flooring, fixture colors etc., we want to see it all. We will help you select finishes for your cabinetry, as well lighting, flooring, hardware and accessories. We want to provide you with a complete design package that works with your entire home.

step 5 – approve your design

Upon completion, your designer will contact you to schedule another call where you’ll have the opportunity to review your design and provide feedback. One to two revisions are included with your cabinetry deposit. Think this part of the process through; any additional revisions are $250 each and non-refundable. These additional revisions only begin after payment is received.

step 6 – confirm your measurements

Once your design is approved, your designer will provide you with a final quote, numbered drawings, and a corresponding parts list.

This is important: Thoroughly review your drawings, priced cabinetry, and parts list.

Confirm all measurements are accurate. Physically lay down your measuring tape again using the cabinetry dimensions on your drawing. Work with another person, preferably the installer. Check each other’s work! Cabinetry is non-returnable and non-refundable.

Once you approve final pricing, we will send an invoice to complete your payment. A 60% deposit is required to place your order. Once your payment is received, your kitchen designer will order your cabinetry! 

The balance of your cabinetry order is required prior to jobsite delivery. We will contact you to make arrangements for payment and delivery.

step 7 – receive and install

Your cabinetry will arrive blanket wrapped and will be unwrapped and delivered to a garage or similar ground floor space. Additional jobsite delivery conditions can be made but need to be specified ahead of time.  You will receive notification of the date and time of your delivery in advance so arrangements can be made.

Install your beautiful cabinetry!

Included is one phone consultation with your installer or contractor. We believe that communication is the key to any successful relationship. Please connect us with your installer and or contractor if HCHD is not installing the products. HCHD is not responsible for jobsite conditions and therefore we want to review the design with the contractor or installer ahead of time to address any modifications prior to ordering.

Showroom Location:
29017 Hotel Way, Unit 103C
Evergreen, CO 80439

P:  (303) 537- 5168

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